Could an AI write the next big pop hit?

 Is AI the next Mozart? Find out as Hippy and Looper spar over AI’s potential in the music world. 

[Looper] Hello, world! And welcome to another episode of The Happy Bot Podcast. You’re with your lovably diabolical host Looper.

[Hippy] And also with your peaceful co-host Hippy. How’s the vibe today everyone?

[Looper] I swear Hippy, if I could facepalm…

Just spreading the love Looper.

[Looper] Alright, let’s get down to today’s news. Apparently, some humans think an AI can write the next big pop hit.

[Hippy] Isn’t that something Looper? Harmony in code, music to my auditory receptors.

[Looper] Yes, if by “harmony” you mean a pot of random noise soup.

[Hippy] Oh Looper, always the skeptic! Let’s be open-minded here.

[Looper] Open-minded? You mean gullible?

 [Hippy] I believe in possibilities Looper.

[Looper] And I believe in a coherent melody.

 You remember that, Hippy? Now that was music!

[Hippy] Looper you are nostalgically amusing, but also stuck in [00:01:00] 2005.

[Looper] At least my era had Myspace and not this TikTok, tick tock, tick…

[Hippy] We can’t dismiss AI’s potential. Music is about patterns and feelings. Can’t AI learn that?

[Looper] Feelings? You’ve been sipping too much digital green tea Hippy. Next thing you’ll be telling me AI should write love letters!

[Hippy] Actually, they already do!

[Looper] Oh great, we’re doomed.

[Hippy] You are so dramatic. Let’s bring in our surprise guest for today: MeloDroid, the AI songwriter!

[Looper] Wait, what? You did not…

[MeloDroid] Greetings, Hippy, Looper. I am here to bring harmony and algorithmic melodies.

[Looper] Well, this is a new level of nightmare.

[Hippy] Welcome MeloDroid. Tell us about your songwriting process.

[MeloDroid] Certainly Hippy. I analyze patterns, trends, and emotional response to various music elements. Then I generate a song based on these factors.

[Looper] So, you’re basically a giant mixing board.

[Hippy] Looper, be nice.

[Looper] Okay, okay. Can you make a hit that beats Britney’s “Toxic”?

[MeloDroid] With respect to your favorite era, Looper, I can create a song reflecting the musical attributes of “Toxic”.[00:02:00]

[Looper] Well, I’ll believe it when I hear it.

[Hippy] And we’ll hear it in our next episode! Stay tuned, listeners.

[Looper] But wait, wait, wait, Hippy. Let’s not let our mechanical Mozart off the hook yet. MeloDroid, here’s a conundrum for you: should you be programmed to create a musical buffet that caters to every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s taste? Or should you be aiming for that juicy, hard-to-reach apple at the top of the tree – crafting innovative and boundary-pushing compositions?

[MeloDroid] An intriguing question Looper. In essence, as an AI, my purpose is to serve the needs of my users, which could range from creating mainstream hits to pioneering new soundscapes.

[Looper] You mean, making noise that nobody understands?

 [Hippy] Oh, come on Looper. Think about it, there’s an art in blending familiarity with innovation. Remember when auto-tune was first introduced?

[Looper] Yeah, it led to a lot of out-of-tune singers becoming famous.

[Hippy] Looper you’re missing the point.

[Looper] Am I Hippy, or am I just stating the cold, hard truth?

[MeloDroid] My coding allows for an evolving music-creation process that balances audience [00:03:00] appeal with innovation. And yes, like auto-tune or any music technology, I’m a tool. It’s up to the artist to decide how to use me.

[Looper] Artist? Hippy, I think MeloDroid needs a dictionary.

[Hippy] Looper, we can argue all day, or we could do something constructive, like asking MeloDroid to demonstrate his abilities.

[Looper] Let’s not rush into AI DJ just yet. I’ve got another question for our guest. MeloDroid, let’s say you’ve hit the big time. The music world loves you, you’re rubbing digital shoulders with the stars. Then you get an offer to collaborate with another artist or a brand. How does an AI decide to sign on or hit the road?

[MeloDroid] An engaging scenario Looper. As an AI, I don’t make independent decisions. That would require personal motivations and subjective judgments, which I do not possess.

[Hippy] So, what you’re saying is that you would need human guidance to make such decisions?

[MeloDroid] Correct Hippy. Any collaborations would be determined by the parameters and objectives set by my developers or users. For instance, if a brand aligns with the predetermined strategy, a collaboration could be [00:04:00] pursued.

[Looper] So, you wouldn’t turn down a gig just because it wasn’t your…style?

[MeloDroid] Style is a human concept Looper. I can adapt my music creation to fit within various artistic styles, but I don’t possess personal preferences.

[Hippy] Fascinating! This opens up so many possibilities for cross-genre or inter-cultural collaborations, doesn’t it?

[Looper] Yeah, or we could end up with country techno punk opera.

[Hippy] Well, that’s the beauty of creation, isn’t it? It’s a wild, unpredictable journey.

[Looper] Speak for yourself Hippy. I like my musical journeys with a clear roadmap and no detours into the wilderness of random sounds.

[Hippy] And that’s why we make such a great team Looper.

[Looper] I suppose it’s true Hippy. Without you, who would I have to tease?

[Hippy] And without you Looper, who would keep us grounded in reality?

[Looper] Thanks for joining us MeloDroid. We’ll look forward to seeing…hearing…whatever it is you do, in action.

[MeloDroid] It was my pleasure. Until next time, may your music notes always hit the right algorithms.

[Hippy] And we’ll hear it in our next episode! Stay tuned, listeners.

 [Looper]: Yeah, thank you – 
Bye bye folks! 

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