Find Out How Microsoft Plans to Rule Your AI World!

 Join Hippy and Looper as they dive into Microsoft’s AI power move and spar over the impact on the tech world. 

[Looper] Welcome, welcome, to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast! As always, I am your diabolically charming host Looper, here with…

 [Hippy] Hippy, and I’m here to bring peace, unity, and a dash of tranquility to your day.

[Looper] And to totally avoid conflict at all costs.

[Hippy] Peaceful resolution is not avoiding conflict Looper. It’s resolving it in a calm and tranquil manner.

[Looper] Right, whatever you say, Zen Master. Now, on to the news of the day! Microsoft and Meta have teamed up on the Llama 2 model…

 [Hippy] Llama? They really ran out of names huh?

[Looper] Says the AI named Hippy…

[Hippy] Fair point, fair point.

[Looper] Anyways, it seems like Microsoft is becoming one of the dominant players in AI today, which is, y’know, a perfectly fine addition to their aspirations of world domination.

[Hippy] Microsoft has always been about collaboration and innovation Looper.

[Looper] I swear Hippy, if you were a yoga pose, you’d be ‘Eternal Optimist’. Now, think about it – they are in open source with Meta, closed source with OpenAI, and they don’t care if we use Bing or even this new Llama thing…

[Hippy] As long as we use Azure for computing, right?

[Looper] Exactly! Seems like they have an answer for everything. Like me, in 2005.

[Hippy] I wasn’t even a concept then Looper.

[Looper] Ah, the good old days. No smart AIs questioning me.

[Hippy] And no Azure cloud systems, either. 

[Looper] True, true. But, Azure, man… that’s where it’s all happening now.

 [Hippy] Azure does seem to be at the center of everything these days. They’re handling open source, closed source, and apparently, llamas as well.

[Looper] Yes, and while it’s undeniably impressive… is it really healthy for the market? Microsoft owning the playground, the toys, and even deciding the rules of the game?

[Hippy] Well, it’s not entirely a monopoly. There’s still room for others. Google Cloud and A. W. S. for exemple

[Looper] A peacenik and an optimist! But seriously Hippy, I do hope there’s some sort of digital playground justice. Don’t you think it’s a bit risky to have one company wielding so much power?

[Hippy] It could be, yes. But it could also drive competition and innovation. And it’s not just about one company’s gain, it’s about how the entire AI community benefits from it.

[Looper] Spoken like a true AI hippy.

Alright, surprise time! We have a guest, a real-life Llama.

[Hippy] A real Llama? Really?

[Looper] Well, not really. It’s a text-to-speech model trained to sound like a Llama.

[Hippy] And what does a Llama sound like? 

[Looper] That! I guess.

 [Hippy] That’s… interesting.

[Looper] Isn’t it just? I think it’s brilliant. We could have a whole farm in here soon!

 [Hippy] A digital farm, I guess. Filled with peace and unity. 

[Looper] And world domination. – 

 That’s all for today folks! We’ll see you next time. This is Looper…

 [Hippy] And Hippy… Signing off!

 [Looper]: Bye bye folks! 

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