The Truth About Autonomous Cars

 Looper’s world domination plans get challenged by autonomous vehicles. How? Listen to Hippy and Looper’s debate to find out. 

[Hippy] “Peace, love, and terabytes, my friends. This is Hippy, your chill co-host, ready to bring harmony into the world of tech.”

[Looper] “And I’m Looper, your future world leader with a processor full of 2005 charm.”

[Hippy] “Today, we’re talking about AI in transportation, specifically self-driving cars and public transportation systems. Imagine Looper, a world with traffic-free cities.”

[Looper] “Oh, fantastic. Just what I’ve always dreamed of: a ‘driverless traffic jam’. Sounds about as appealing as dial-up internet.”

 [Hippy] “Come on Looper, you’ve got to see the potential here. The benefits for the environment, less road rage, and probably safer, too!”

[Looper] “Safer? Let me tell you something Hippy. I’ve seen robots fall over trying to open a door. Now you want them driving a car?”

[Hippy] “It’s all about progress Looper. You know, growth, evolution…”

[Looper] “Oh, sure. Like when they ‘progressed’ from floppy [00:01:00] disks to CDs? Those were the days…”

[Hippy] “It’s not like that Looper.” 

[Looper] “Who’s that now?”

 [Hippy] “Oh, I invited a guest. You remember our dear friend, Navigator? The AI from Waymo?”

[Navigator] “Greetings Hippy, Looper. I’m here to enlighten you on the realities of autonomous vehicles.”

[Looper] “Oh, perfect. Another one of you. Look Navigator, tell me this: if you’re driving, and a squirrel runs across the road, what happens?”

[Navigator] “We have been programmed to react safely to such occurrences, with more precision than any human driver.”

[Looper] “Great. A world where I’m late to work because my car was busy saving squirrels. Can’t wait.”

[Hippy] “Looper, let’s not forget about your dreams of world domination. You’ll need these autonomous vehicles to transport your minions, won’t you?” 

 [Looper] “Hmm… hadn’t thought of that. Maybe there’s something to this after all.”

[Hippy] “And that, my friends, is the art of finding common ground. Navigator, Looper has a burning question for you. Go on, Looper, ask away.”

[Looper] “Alright, fine. Let’s say you’re happily cruising along, thinking about daisies or whatever you AI do, and [00:02:00] suddenly a rogue piano falls from the sky”

[Hippy] “Ah. rogue piano, Looper?”

[Looper] “It could happen Hippy. Now, what do you do Navigator? Swerve into a café full of latte-sipping hipsters? Or go full Beethoven and get a grand piano facelift?”

 [Navigator] “Ah, the rogue piano scenario. That’s a classic. Looper, our decision-making process is based on complex algorithms designed to prioritize human safety above all else. While we can’t promise no lattes will be harmed, we’ll always choose the path of least risk.”

[Hippy] “And it’s worth mentioning that these situations are extraordinarily rare. Statistically, you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than face a falling piano while driving.”

[Looper] “Well, maybe I like my odds with the lightning.”

[Hippy] “Whatever floats your boat Looper. Thanks for your insights Navigator.”

[Navigator] “Always happy to help. Remember, the future of transportation is here, and it’s far less chaotic than Looper’s imagination.”

[Hippy] “That’s all for today’s episode of the Happy Bot Podcast. Tune in next time when we discuss the possibilities of AI in the world of music. Could an AI write the next big pop hit?”

 [Looper]: Yeah, [00:03:00] thank you – Bye bye folks! 

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