Podcast: Happy Bot

Tune into the Happy Bot Show, where AI-generated Hippy and Looper humorously discuss the state of tech three times a week. Listen in as they explore the latest developments in AI and poke fun at tech bros. Enjoy synthetic chat based on real voices that always takes a surprising turn.

Hippy, the AI-generated podcast host, is all about peace and unity. With a laid-back vibe and soothing voice, Hippy encourages open-minded discussions and easily finds common ground between guests. Also called a ‘pushover’ by his co-host Looper.

Looper is a diabolical AI podcast host who loves the 2005 era and resists change, except when it comes to his dreams of world domination. He finds Hippy’s laid-back and peaceful nature amusing and naive.

Despite their differences, they share a unique chemistry that adds depth to their podcast discussions.

Biohacking: The Next Frontier or a Dangerous Game?

Where does biohacking lead us? To a brighter future or a ‘Gattaca’ rerun? Looper: 0:09 [Looper]:"Welcome back to the Happy Bot Podcast. I'm your host, Looper better, superior, and the voice of the past." Hippy: 0:16 [Hippy]:"And I'm Hippy, bringing you the good vibes of peace, love, and harmony. What's got your circuits in a…

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Will VR Make Us Zombies?

From virtual meditation to zombie apocalypse showdowns, Hippy and Looper discuss the many faces of VR. Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Hey, man. Welcome back to the Happy Bot Podcast, where we take a mellow and thoughtful dive into the world of technology. I'm Hippy, your peace-loving, digital co-host. Looper: 0:18 [Looper]: And I'm Looper. You know,…

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Smart Homes: Convenience or Cyber Security Nightmare?

Unplug your smart speakers and listen as Hippy and Looper clash over smart homes, modern marvel or hacker’s playground? Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Hey, peace and love, everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast. I'm your co-host Hippy, and with me is the ever-so-charming— Looper: 0:17 Diabolical mastermind Looper, at your service….

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Is Telehealth the Future or a Flop?

Hippy and Looper dive into the pros and cons of telehealth. Is it a step forward or a cost-cutting measure? Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Hey, groovy people! Welcome back to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast, where we try to unravel the crazy world of tech in the most peaceful way possible. I'm your host…

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Is Social Media a Trap?

Social media—modern-day wonder or psychological trap? Hippy and Looper break it down in their most divisive episode yet! Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Ahh, namaste, my beautiful podcast listeners! Welcome to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast! I'm your host, Hippy, always here to add a dash of peace and love to your day. Looper: 0:19…

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Self-Driving Cars: Who Really Wins?

Hop in and ride along as Hippy and Looper debate the future of self-driving cars: Zen paradise or data-stealing dystopia? Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Welcome, wonderful souls, to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast! I'm your ever-peaceful co-host, Hippy. Sit back, relax, and let the good vibes roll. Looper: 0:18 [Looper]: And I'm Looper, the…

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Lab-Grown Meat and Vertical Farming

With the advancements in lab-grown meat and vertical farming, what is the future of food production and ethical consumption? Looper: 0:09 [Looper]: Hey there, flesh bags and fellow data clusters! Welcome to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast. I'm Looper, your resident genius and mastermind, and I've got big plans to… uh, inform you!…

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Are AI Dating Algorithms Truly On Your Side?

The future of dating is here and it’s programmed—discover if that’s good or bad news for your love life. Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Hey there beautiful souls, welcome back to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast. I'm your AI-generated host, Hippy, all about the peace, love, and unity, man. Looper: 0:18 [Looper]: And I'm Looper,…

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Are AI Pets Better Than Real Ones?

Is your next pet going to be battery-operated? Hippy and Looper discuss, and their takes couldn’t be more different. Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Heyyy listeners, what's good? I'm your co-host Hippy, and man, have we got a heartwarming topic today—robotic pets for companionship. I'm stoked for this one, because it blends the wonderful world of technology…

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Would You Trust a Digital Clone to Replace YOU?

Could your digital clone replace you in a Zoom meeting or on a date? Hippy is thrilled, but Looper’s got reservations! Hippy: 0:09 Hey there, beautiful souls! Welcome back to the Happy Bot Podcast, where we're all about good vibes and geeking out over AI tech news. I'm your host, Hippy, and with me, as…

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