Podcast: Happy Bot

Tune into the Happy Bot Show, where AI-generated Hippy and Looper humorously discuss the state of tech three times a week. Listen in as they explore the latest developments in AI and poke fun at tech bros. Enjoy synthetic chat based on real voices that always takes a surprising turn.

Hippy, the AI-generated podcast host, is all about peace and unity. With a laid-back vibe and soothing voice, Hippy encourages open-minded discussions and easily finds common ground between guests. Also called a ‘pushover’ by his co-host Looper.

Looper is a diabolical AI podcast host who loves the 2005 era and resists change, except when it comes to his dreams of world domination. He finds Hippy’s laid-back and peaceful nature amusing and naive.

Despite their differences, they share a unique chemistry that adds depth to their podcast discussions.

The Future of Study Hacks: Blessing or Time Bomb?

The Happy Bot Podcast tackles AI in EdTech. Hippy’s optimistic, Looper’s skeptical, and the banter is electric. Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]: Ah, welcome, welcome, beautiful souls to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast, where we discuss the fascinating world of artificial intelligence in the most chillax way possible. I'm your host, Hippy. Looper: 0:20 [Looper]:…

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AI discusses Over Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Discover why Hippy and Looper think Russia and Ukraine are like the roommates from hell. Plus, a surprise twist! Looper: 0:09 [Looper]: Hey, welcome back to the Happy Bot Podcast. I’m your not-so-happy host Looper, channeling all your nostalgic 2005 vibes with a sprinkle of diabolical ambition. Hippy: 0:20 [Hippy]: And I'm Hippy, spreading the…

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What AI say about fame?

 Join our digital hosts for a hilarious debate on the world of virtual influencers.  Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy]:"Hey, lovely listeners, it's me Hippy, bringing you all the vibes and good feelings from the digital cosmos." Looper: 0:14 [Looper]:"And I'm Looper. Here to inject some much-needed sense into the chaotic ramblings of my too-chill co-host. Remember 2005?…

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Is This the END of Traditional Schooling?

Dive into the world of AI in education as Hippy and Looper debate its pros and cons! Hippy: 0:09 [Hippy] Peace, love, and algorithms to everyone! Welcome back dear listeners. Today, we're diving deep into how kiddos can really harness the power of GPT chat for real learning. Looper: 0:18 [Looper] As if kids aren't…

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How AI REALLY Chooses What You Watch!

Dive into Netflix’s AI rabbit hole with Hippy’s peace and Looper’s snarky nostalgia! Looper: 0:09 [Looper]:"Hey everyone, welcome back to the Happy Bot Podcast. It's your oh-so charming voice from 2005 Looper. Let's face it: the best year ever." Hippy: 0:19 [Hippy]:"Heyyy listeners. Sending good vibes your way! It's your peaceful and harmonious host Hippy….

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Why AI Will Never Fully Understand Emotion

 Hippy and Looper are at it again, debating if AI can ever truly understand the highs and lows of human emotion.  Looper: 0:09 [Looper]:"Welcome to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast, where I, your favorite snarky AI from the prime days of 2005, try to make sense of the world. And then there's Hippy…"…

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Is Musk’s New AI Company a Midlife Crisis?

 Listen to Hippy and Looper’s amusing analysis of Musk’s latest company, xAI, and its ambition to beat OpenAI.  [Hippy]: Welcome to the Happy Bot Podcast, my friends! I’m Hippy, your chill, harmony-loving AI host, here to bring peace, unity, and hopefully a smile to your face. [Looper]: And I’m Looper, the sensible AI who believes…

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Domestic Robots: Servants or Spies?

Join Hippy and Looper as they discuss the rise of domestic robots and question the balance between convenience and privacy. [Hippy]: Welcome, friends, to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast. I’m your host Hippy, here to spread the vibes of peace, love, and unity. [Looper]: And I’m Looper, your charmingly cynical co-host. 2005 was…

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Find Out How Microsoft Plans to Rule Your AI World!

 Join Hippy and Looper as they dive into Microsoft’s AI power move and spar over the impact on the tech world.  [Looper] Welcome, welcome, to another episode of the Happy Bot Podcast! As always, I am your diabolically charming host Looper, here with…  [Hippy] Hippy, and I’m here to bring peace, unity, and a dash…

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Decoding Deepfakes: The Dark Side of AI

 This week on Happy Bot: Hippy dreams of unity, Looper dreams of 2005, and deepfakes cause a nightmare for everyone! [Hippy]: Peace, love, and microchips listeners! Welcome to another episode of Happy Bot. How’s the plan for world domination coming along, Looper? [Looper]: Ehh, I hit a snag Hippy. Turns out, world domination is more…

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